20 | September | 2011

For the last 90 days or so, Google+ has been in what Google calls the “Field Test” phase. That means the service is subject to problems at any time and only people with an Google+ invitation could sign up. Starting from […] Categories: News | Tags: android, beta, google plus, hangout, news, signup, update | … [Read more…]

20 | July | 2011 |

Wanting to get on Google+, but can’t sign up because of you lack an invite? Worry no more, Google+ Planet can provide you an invitation to get you run and running on this new social network? How to get one It’s easy! […] Categories: Google Plus | Tags: free, giveaway, google plus, invite | Permalink

19 | July | 2011 |

The long-awaited official Google plus application is now available for the iPhone over at Apple’s App Store freely. Unlike the Web version that is available for iPhone users since its launch, the App allows users to experience the full range of features offered by […] Categories: News | Tags: Apple, download, iOS, mobile, news | … [Read more…]

18 | July | 2011 |

Facebook is often used as the main competitor to Google’s social network offering, Google+, but Twitter is often left out of the equation. However, once Google plus reaches public beta, it may prove to be more than a worthy alternative. Both […] Categories: Google Plus | Tags: competition, google plus, twitter, versus | Permalink

16 | September | 2011

Developers, do you want to create websites and utilities based around Google Plus? Now you can with the release of a limited version of the Google+ API. Google has released extensive APIs for many of its products, but Google+ was […] Categories: News | Tags: API, developper, google plus, news | Permalink

11 | September | 2011

One major downside with Google’s handling of profiles is the horrendously long and complicated URL that is assigned to you. Right now, the only “official” way to access your profile is through a long string of numbers like https://plus.google.com/106268503834064085453. It’s not pretty, and […] Categories: Google Plus | Tags: google plus, list, tips, vanity URL … [Read more…]

02 | September | 2011

Twitter users may have found it difficult to follow celebrities and other popular figures on Google+ due to it’s lack of suggested people to follow. When you sign up for Twitter, you will be greeted with a huge list of […] Categories: Google Plus, News | Tags: celebrties, follow, google plus, new feature, news | … [Read more…]

+1 Buttons updated, now actually useful

Remember the Google +1 button introduced a while back? The button allowed Google Users to recommend a web site in search results, but little can be done to share the web page with friends using the button. Fortunately, Google just improved it by adding a few goodies and improvements to it. First off, much like … [Read more…]