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google plus circles and invitesGot your own Google+account but need friends and family to share it with? Google plus is currently an invite-only service(and pretty exclusive at that too) and you will need to send them an invite before they will be able to start using Google+. However, Google+ doesn’t really have an invite page per-se, and some users will have to dig around before finding the right place.

So, how to we invite other people to Google plus? Pretty straightforward, navigate to your circles page and choose “find and invite”, once there, you have two choices to find your buddies. You can manually add them using their e-mail y clicking the “Add a new person” button, or – alternatively – import your Yahoo or Hotmail contacts using the respective links on the top of the list.

Sadly, you cannot directly import your Facebook contacts just yet, although there is a workaround where you need to export your friends to Yahoo through Facebook, then import your Yahoo contact list to Google+, but that’s a subject for another article.

green google plus invite buttonOnce you have imported your contacts to Google, you can find the people you want to find among the list and simply drag them to the circle of your choice – or create a new one!

Once you have added a few people to circles, a green button should appear on the bottom of the page called “Invite…”, click on it and confirm sending the invites. They should be sent right after. It’s that easy.

Alternatively, there is another way to share your updates with friends without an account. Simply create a new status on a Stream and include their e-mail. They should also get invited after a while.

Remember that Google is a tad slow with handing out invites, and it might take days, or weeks, before they actually receive them by e-mail.Keep that in mind. Although there are reports that says invites are sent much quicker now.

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