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The long-awaited official Google plus application is now available for the iPhone over at Apple’s App Store freely. Unlike the Web version that is available for iPhone users since its launch, the App allows users to experience the full range of features offered by Google plus, like Huddle, Circles and user streams, and features a native iOS look.

The App easily allows you to check on your streams, look at photo albums, comment on friend’s updates and +1 them. You can use Huddle to chat with a group of friends similar to SMS. The App also allows you to manage your circles such as adding and deleting friends. Photos after the break.

However, other features like Hangouts or Chat are not yet included in this App, which is quite disappointing, but doesn’t make this app any less exceptional. Another downside is that it is not compatible with iPhone 1G and iPhone 2G, iPod Touch and iPad. An oversight from Google? Will it be fixed in the future? We have yet to know.

google plus for ios google plus ios 2

For now, some iPhone users, iPod Touch and iPad users will have to keep using the mobile HTML5 Google+ website until this native app is extended to those devices.

It’s a nice move on Google’s part nevertheless, allowing Google+ to reach more people as well as letting iPhone users to chat using Huddle on-the-go. Hopefully, similar Apps for other mobile platforms like BlackBerry will be released in the near future.


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