Be warned of malicious and fake Google plus invites


Google+, in the past few weeks, rapidly reached the milestone of 20 million users, setting an impressive record for such a new product still in invite-only testing.

Like everything popular, it’s only a matter of time before someone or a group find a way to exploit it for their own benefit. This time, the target is Google+ and the means to do it is using fake invites.

Kaspersky Lab just reported that malicious e-mails are being sent that imitate a real Google plus invite, but with disastrous consequences. The e-mail is shown in a format similar to standard invite message, but with the link modified to redirect the user to a Brazilian trojan hosted on the Dropbox service.

Be warned of malicious invites disguised in the crowdAdditionally, another link linking for a Google Docs form marked “send this invite to your friends” is also present, intended to harvest the user’s private information.

How to avoid this? It would be a good idea to check if the e-mail really come from Google and check if the all the links within the e-mail are from, before clicking them.

This is only one example of a fake invite circulating around the Internet right now, there could very well be other fake invites with a different format, so be careful.

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