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Google+ for businessGoogle has been actively removing users representing a brand or company on Google+. Just today, the search giant removed most of the non-personal accounts from Google plus in one swoop, creating a great controversy within the corporate users. Does this mean Google is trying to keep marketers and businesses away from establishing a presence on Google+? Not really, but separate corporate profiles will be introduced soon.

Christian Oestlien, Google’s product manager, wrote that over 10,000 organisations applied to be part of their pilot program for businesses, and the doors for the creation of corporate profiles would be opened within the few coming months for everybody.

Most of his points can be summed up in this video:

Here’s some of the essentials points:

  • Google+ for businesses is fast-tracked and should arrive for be available for everyone within a few months, way before the original planned date.
  • A selected group(around a few thousand) applicants will be selected for the pilot program before everyone else.
  • For now, businesses should find a human representative instead of making a seperate profile in order to avoid trouble.

Additionally, it is rumored that updates from businesses profiles will be displayed in a separate Stream, just like Games on Google plus will be displayed in its own stream, according to

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