Google buys social media website Fridge, what are they cooking up?


The team behind the social network site Fridge ( announced earlier today that they have been acquired by Google as part of their ongoing recruitment drive for Google+. Fridge is a social media startup providing a social experience centered around “Groups”, eerily similar to Google plus’s Circles. Once a user creates a Group, he will be able to share with its members on a computer, by e-mail or by mobile. Good to share photos, videos and stories with friends and family. Not to mention that it’s great to organize work in a team with friends and coworkers.

Fridge has been featured on major tech blogs such as Lifehacker, Mashable, BBC, TechCrunch and more. With this acquisition, it is likely that some of Fridge’s characteristics will be featured in Google plus soon as well.

Google buys Fridge for plus

Little detail has been given regarding this deal other than the fact that the Fridge team is being moved in the Google+ team at Google. No information is available on the financial implications of this acquisition. The 40 000 users currently using Fridge will have until August 20, 2011 to back up their data, before everything is deleted.

What could this mean for the future of Google’s social network? Many bloggers have been asking Google to add a feature to help plan activities, similar to Groups in Fridge. By hiring the right minds to integrate this into their product, Google is making the right move to enhance Google+.

It’s way too early to tell what other surprises the Fridge team will bring to Google, but the outlook is certainly looking bright for Google. Google buying Fridge will make Google+ stronger than ever.

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