Google+ suspending accounts en masse


User suspended in Google PlusWatch out, novelty accounts on Google+. Numerous users and celebrities have been blogging about getting suspended and kicked out of Google+ due to a violation of community standards. It seems that users not using their real name or businesses accounts are the ones targeted during today’s deletion, but also legitimate users and some celebrities accounts suspected to be fake and imitations. Users that are suspended will be met with the following message once they visit their profile:

“After reviewing your profile, we determined the nameyou provided violates our Community Standards.”

To make matter worse, the suspension does not only affect your Google Plus account, it could also disable your GMail and other Google services linked with the same user, locking you out of priceless data.

The explosive popularity of Google+ is unexpected by Google even by its most generous internal model. By making this move, Google hopes to improve the quality of the userbase, but instead created a controversy among users and bloggers alike.

The company had all the rights to do such thing, but it was mishandled and they weren’t very clear about this rule in the first place. They “requires you to use the name that you commonly go by in daily life.” That does not mean to use your real name, if you go by your nickname everyday.

Fortunately, some users have found relief by having their account reinstated after protesting to Google, but we shouldn’t forget this incident and think about the repercussions. Today is only an example of how Google can lock a user out of his own data virtually overnight with little to no means to appeal the decision.

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