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Google+ Ultimate extension for ChromeThe Chrome extension Ultimate Google+ is a great way to enhance your time on the Google Plus. Think of it as  counterpart to Better Facebook for Facebook.

This extension adds a few extra features to Google plus. For instance, it adds a notification icon to your Chrome toolbar as well as some subtle (and some obvious) interface tweaks on Google +.

Here are some of the features included with this useful plugin:

  • dropdown-google-plus-ultimateA notification counter is displayed in your Chrome toolbar; clicking it will reveal the notifications just like on Google’s top bar.
  • The navigation bar on Google Plus is tweaked to always stay on top, even if you scroll down. It makes the navigation easier and prettier, too!
  • The left sidebar is also floating no matter how you scroll downward.
  • Change your background to a few presets!
  • Custom thin scroll bars
  • A few optional features like reducing image sizes, side-by-side view to give your stream a magazine format.
  • A few CSS tweaks and changes to make the site look better (rounded edges!).
  • A neat options page to change everything.

As this Google Plus chrome extension is relatively new, it will improve and add in new features over time, but it is already pretty sweet as-is! It could definitively become a spiritual successor to Better Facebook!

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