Public Google+, one week later


It’s been around a week since Google’s social network went public for all. How has the announcement affected Google+ use and popularity? Here’s some stats on the state of Google+, a week after it was made public:


According to Hitwise, visits to Google+ climbed up to 15 million U.S. visits, from 1.1 Million the week before. That’s an astonishing 1269% increase! That places Google+ in the top ten social networks in terms of traffic.
Plus traffic 26 septIt went from 54th place to the 8th spot in the Social Networking category in Hitwise’s ranking. Will it stay like that, or the hype will die down soon? Hopefully not.

In other news…

  • Circles can now be shared with your friends, family and even the public! It’s great to share the people you follow with like-minded friends. A shortcoming is that the circle is only shared as-is, if you add more people, it will not show up on the other’s peoples circles
  • And the popular Zynga game Cityville is now on Google+.

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