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+1 Button from Google gets updatedSearch engine optimization helps you in getting your web page on the search engine’s search results. When your website gets listed high in the search engine results, it becomes easier for you to get increased number of visitors to your website. This will help you in earning higher revenues with time. So, search engine optimization or SEO is really important for your website. From the day when these strategies were discovered, various changes have been going on to develop more advanced strategies to better optimize the websites.
Latest updates on Google SEO

Google is said to have introduced pagination tips or rather rules in order to avoid other kinds of indexing problems. These are the new link elements added to the Webmaster Tools which do offer solution against what the webmasters have always found difficult. So, what is Pagination?

Pagination involves the process of making a website. This will contain lots of information and are also user friendly with regards to searching. However, though Pagination is quite helpful for the visitors or the people trying to search various things through the search engines, it is not actually considered to be user friendly by most of the SEOs because they believe that pagination does bury the product pages much more deeper into the website thereby making these pages not at all possible for getting crawled by the search engines.

This will have a negative effect on overall ranking of the websites. The webmasters of the websites have thus been questioning as to how they can bring back the buried contents back into the forefront so that these pages could be crawled easily by the search engines.

Now, as Google has introduced the new elements in the pagination process, it is believed that this may be of some help in solving the problems which the webmasters have been facing till now. Google has shown a clearer picture on the schematic relationship which actually exists in between the content of a page that can also span several pages at the same time to also help the other webmasters in order to better understand as to how the Googlebot helps in identification of the duplicate content and also the subsequent assignments of the ranks against the pages.

These various changes points towards the fact that Google now provides you with the single-page versions which now weights more in the search engine results. This idea was also echoed by the personalities of the Google’s indexing team like Benjia Li and Joachim Kupke. They have mentioned that the “user testing has taught us that searchers much prefer the view-all”.
With the Google concluding that the people in general prefer view-all options in the search results of the webmasters, and that the publishers should take this as a warning.

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