October 14, 2011
by googleplusplanet

Google will shut down Buzz

Bye Google BuzzLet’s be honest, Google Buzz was a failure for what it intended to do. With the launch of Google Plus, Buzz became a redundant service that has little use and has almost none of Google+’s features. Google just announced today a new initiative to direct more focus on Google+, and less on Google’s other social services.

Over the next few weeks, Google Buzz and its API will be permanently shut down. Existing content will be archived on the user’s Google profile and backups can be downloaded through Google Takeout.

Also, Jaiku, a micro-blogging service, … Continue Reading →

October 8, 2011
by googleplusplanet

Tweak who can send you notifications

Did it ever occur to get too many Google notifications at once? Or too hard to manage all the activity? A recent Google Plus update will give you the edge over those troubles.

A new settings is added in the options to let you to set who will be able to send you notifications. By default, it’s set to “Your Extended Circles”, this means that notifications will pop up every time everyone in your circles and in their circles +mentions you, share something with you, or invites you for a game or just hangout.

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October 5, 2011
by googleplusplanet

New! Lock down your posts before publishing

An old feature from Google Plus is the ability to disable commenting and lock down a post after it’s published, allowing you to keep your friends from sharing the post to others, or to prevent comments on a post.

Starting today, it’s now possible to adjust those settings before the post is posted, allowing you to fine tune the posts. You can choose to change those preferences in the new drop box next to the share bar. Check out this video to see how:

In other news, the Google Plus API is now enhanced to … Continue Reading →

October 1, 2011
by googleplusplanet

Google opens its own retail stores

Google just opened its first retail kiosk in London, UK as an effort to promote Google’s Chromebooks running on ChromeOS. Called the Chrome Zone, Google hopes to help consumers choose and purchase the right chromebook for them.  Unlike Apple Stores or Microsoft Store, the Chrome Zone is only a kiosk inside a branch of PC World.

The store currently sells Chromebooks and various accessories, but no sign of other Google hardware products like Android tablets and phones. Chromebooks runs on ChromeOS, which is heavily dependent of Cloud services for storage and for day-to-day use. Google … Continue Reading →